Elisabeth II: The Revolution of a Queen


  • Format :
    • 90'
  • Chaîne :
  • À propos :
    • A film by Pierre Hurel
  • Diffusion :
    • 2015

Résumé du programme

She is celebrated all over the world today as an exceptional icon: Elisabeth II, the Queen of England, firmly on the throne for over 63 years. However, around the start of the 1990s, this was not necessarily the case.

The Queen has been through a decade of unprecedented turmoil: the deterioration of the Royal Family’s image during the Charles and Diana crisis, public pressure against royal privileges, the fire at Windsor Castle… With the death of their princess, the people roared and the monarchy trembled. In order to escape this historical tight spot, the Queen’s weapons of choice, religion and righteousness, were not enough. Elisabeth had to change, she had to come out of hiding, leave behind her reputation of the untouchable Queen to become the nation’s grandmother. This is the secret of the longest reigning Queen of the British monarchy: The Revolution of a Queen.

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Elisabeth II : La révolution d’une Reine